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Your brewery data can be exported at anytime

At DashBrew, it is a company value that we create portable data.  Never let a software package trap your data so you are stuck with them. This is information-napping.

KegMetrics provides at least 3 ways you can export your data.

  1. Export from Search
  2. Full Brewery Export
  3. Full Keg History Export

All of these export to a CSV file for full Excel and Google Sheets Love!  You can also copy the data to your clipboard with a single click in many cases.

What does this mean?

You can create sell sheets with one click, you can use KegMetrics data in financial forecasts, you can play with fun charts and graphs of KegMetrics data, and of course you can generate almost any report you could ever want with KegMetrics data in your favorite spreadsheet application.


This video shows you how.


PS-if the text in the video is blurry for you, be sure to switch the setting of youtube to “HD”.  You can do this by hovering your mouse over the video and clicking on the gear icon in the lower corner of the window.  Then choose “HD”.