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KegMetrics Summarizes Your Current Status

In KegMetrics its easy to see what is going on in your brewery.  Our metrics page is designed to provide you with an at a glance view of your operation.  That’s right you get a Production Status complete with Search presets for more drill down.

Oh yeah and don’t forget that Cooperage rate number (aka: Average Throughput).  KegMetrics calculates how long it takes on average for a keg to go from clean to clean in your brewery.  Why is this important?

When you know this number you know how big your keg fleet should be.  You also know if you are wasting money with long return times.  You can also take this number and then drill down to see which of your customers is causing the number to be longer than it should be.

We firmly believe in the saying:

“what gets measured gets managed”

When you measure you keg cycles you then can take action to reduce them.  KegMetrics helps with that as well with our auto-notification features.  But we’ll save that for another day.


This video shows you how.


PS-if the text in the video is blurry for you, be sure to switch the setting of youtube to “HD”.  You can do this by hovering your mouse over the video and clicking on the gear icon in the lower corner of the window.  Then choose “HD”.