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It doesn’t take very much effort to realize that the hours your organization puts into looking for information on its product inventory and keg shell inventory can be a huge anchor on its profitability.  Additionally, insights into cooperage rates, total fleet size, service maintenance records, and customer purchase patterns can dramatic improve your bottom line as well as brand quality.

What’s more is it’s clear that breweries of all sizes (small and large) and distribution processes (with and without distributors) find it frustrating and time consuming to keep track of what is in their walk-in, what is out with customers, and what is available on the production floor to use.  Throw in keeping track of when a keg was last serviced or QC’d and the problem gets even more complicated.

I’ve heard some other beer operations companies say you don’t need to worry about it.  They’ve basically said just count your kegs or use depletion reports and reconcile against your invoices.  The reason why that doesn’t work is because it is only addressing part of the problem and creates other issues.  It’s lazy thinking and is like sticking your head in the ground and “hoping” everything will work out.

We put together a webinar that will explain some easy and effective ways for you to be able to Manage your Inventory and Kegs.

Simple ways to Manage Your Kegs for Free

What You will Learn in the Webinar

✔ Why your current process is causing friction and doesn’t work well
✔ Simple ways to manage you Inventory and Kegs
✔ The Two views that are needed for successful inventory management of kegs