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In simple terms the Takt time is the sell rate or the time the a product needs to be completed because of demand from the customer.

In mathematical terms:

takt time = Available time for production / required units of production

Why is this important?  Basically you want to match demand with your production throughput time.  This is true especially for beer styles that don’t keep very well.   Of course your goal is to sell more beer and continue to increase demand but having a benchmark will allow you measure you operations.  Takt time is a great benchmark.

Craft Brewing is a whole lot of art which many times your can’t measure.  However, it also requires operations optimization.  In many ways beer production is basically commercial art.  You are making special beers but also within the framework of business expectations.  This means to be successful you want to optimize your performance to match demand.  That is just good sustainable business.

If you want to sell more beer be sure you are able to make it at a rate that can sustain the sales (and not break you financially or mentally while increasing your operations).

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