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It’s the details that matter with quality.  When I set out to create the best Keg Management Software available I didn’t think I would be getting into the technology of labels.  Yes, there’s a lot of tech in the quality of a label.  As I worked harder and harder on the feature-set of KegMetrics I discovered just how important the quality of the labels would be.

Why?  Well if you implement a tracking system that relies on an asset tag, that asset tag needs to perform or you’re not going to be tracking much.  We chose a label that is waterproof, chemical and solvent resistant, and the adhesive or the label will perform in temperatures from -40 up to 302 degrees fahrenheit.  The process to print the label is designed so that the label will not fade in sunlight.  It is a permanent outdoor performant label.  Oh yeah, and the printing is all part of what we do for you as a KegMetrics customer.

Just check out these quality test videos.  I can remove stain from a deck but not print from the label.   Not even pressure washing will degrade the label.

Our goal is to deliver the best quality with the best service at a cost that highlights the value over the price.