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stop losing money on kegs

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simplify your keg inventory management

Does this Sound Like You?

These are actual quotes from our research from breweries like yours.

My kegs are out for 3 months or more.  I'm carrying too much inventoryI have to spend several days tracking down my kegs  I have to spend several days tracking down who exactly has my kegs last year I lost about 4% of my kegsI don;t know where my kegs are at

Put all your kegs and inventory management on auto-pilot in about a day.

KegMetrics™ automatically tracks inventory and keg status. KegMetrics™ is Brewery Software you actually will want to use.  All of your keg statuses are sorted into statuses for easy references, you can also get at the entire history of any given keg.  No manual calculation, no busywork, and no hassle – just the peace of mind that only KegMetrics™ can provide.

Would you like to end keg frustration at your brewery?

How Do you Currently Manage Your Kegs?


Manage Kegs Smarter

Why not utilize your phone’s camera or a scan gun to quickly update or retrieve keg status?  Or would you like to scan kegs in batches or one at a time?  KegMetrics™ can help you keep up to date like this.

KegMetrics™ also sends out communications to your partners and customers to initiate conversations that you care about.  Conversations like: “Are you still using that keg?  Can we collect it?  Would you like more beer? How are we doing?”.  This brewery software is focused on collaboration and communication.  

Say “goodbye” to keg frustration with KegMetrics.

KegMetrics = Keg Tracking Workflow Management + Inventory Management + Automated Communication

KegMetrics Brewery Software by DashBrew

KegMetrics is Brewery Software that Actually does Keg Management, Keg Tracking, Draft Beer Inventory and Brewery Workflow For You. We put each one of your kegs on its own web page so you can sell more beer and improve communication with partners and customers.

The Benefits of KegMetrics™

Get Your Kegs back Faster

KegMetrics™ simplifies keg management while helping those who handle YOUR kegs to improve visibility of each keg’s status. The result is you get your kegs back faster.


Spend Less Time Managing your Keg Line

KegMetrics™ provides a fast ROI because you spend less time managing your keg fleet and float. How much is your time worth? 

Sell More Beer

KegMetrics™ gives you increased visibility into where your kegs are at and for how long. This visibility provides you with opportunities to align your sales calls with collections so you can sell more beer.

Reduce your Keg Float

Faster cooperage time means less kegs outside of your control and an increased ability to utilize those assets better. Efficiency is an important key to a profitable business.

Are you thinking "What about my turn rate?"

KegMetrics was designed with the keg cycle in mind.

What Are Your Keg Times?

Keg Cycle

Where do you think your bottle necks are?

How long is it taking a keg to go through each of these steps for your business?

Do you know where your kegs are right now?

Do you manage your kegs, or do your kegs manage you?

How do you know?

KegMetrics™ provides you the time and cost visibility you need to successfully run your brewery

From the beginning we designed KegMetrics to measure key indicators which provide the kind of visibility you need to see to run your business.  Average keg throughput is just the start and this single KPI can tell you how many more kegs you might need, how efficient your business is, who are your good customers and who might actually be costing you money.

If you have kegs out for more than 6 months then you are spending a lot of money you should need to.

Sound To Summit Brewing

"Before KegMetrics we were using pencil and paper with a notebook to track our production.  We were hesitant to take on a keg tracking system for fear of it not being able to change some of it’s key reporting items specific to our brewery.  KegMetrics was flexible for us and that flexibility was much appreciated.  Now we find that TTB reporting and inventory recording can be done efficiently and accurately using this platform. 
I would recommend KegMetrics.  I think it is a great resource to not only keep track of kegs, where the kegs are located, how long they have been gone, and how much volume was produced in a given month.  We are pleased to have developed a relationship with KegMetrics. It has helped our business tremendously."
- Stacey Sype, Owner
Sound To Summit Brewing

Bellevue Brewing Company


"KegMetrics has been an amazing asset here in the brewery. What used to take a couple of us hours of hand counting and tagging kegs now takes one man minutes to come up with accurate information. Integrating this program into my keg management has been seamless and when a problem does occur, I’ve received an email from their support team before I can even get to my office.

KegMetrics has an amazingly intuitive interface that is easy to learn and navigate. They were able to help customize the program for our specific needs here making this application a catalyst of efficiency. The customer service and personalized attention only makes me want to integrate this system into more than just kegs. I look forward to seeing more applications from Greg and his team." - Kevin, Head Brewer

Whitewall Brewing Company


"Initially, we didn't know that we needed any type of keg tracking application. When approached by Greg, I thought it would be a nice novelty to have, however after using the system now for almost a year, we have found many benefits for the KegMetrics application.

I have used the application and tracking capabilities to resolve disputes with distributor over lack of PO fulfillment. We also now use this to let our distributors know our current keg inventory. Prior to using this application, we would need to manually count the kegs in stock to provide a list. Now we can use the application to pull up current inventory and quickly send out for ordering purposes.

The application also keeps track of the life-cycle of the keg, so we are warned if the keg skips a step in the expected cycle of a keg...for instance, it will warn us if the keg wasn't scanned for a specific step such as cleaning. I would recommend KegMetrics to other breweries as it has been vital in shortening labor time in keeping track of kegs manually. Greg has been excellent at helping us with any and all issues, and are very please with his customer service. Cheers!"

- Aaron Wight, Owner/Brewer


Get Prices and More Information

Our prices scale with your fleet size so you always get a fast ROI

Get to Know KegMetrics™ with No-Risk

Every day, more breweries like yours are getting cozy with KegMetrics™ and making their Keg Management efforts easier than ever before. Find out for yourself how much easier keg management can be. And if KegMetrics™ and you aren’t a great fit, cancel within your first 30 days for your money back.


Greg Shaw, Founder DashBrew

DashBrew LLC

Who makes KegMetrics™?

KegMetrics™ brewery software is made by DashBrew™, an independent product developer for the craft beer industry. DashBrew™ is headed by Greg Shaw a Microsoft Veteran of 13 years who recently left to pursue his dream of helping and supporting the craft beer industry.

DashBrew™ is different than other businesses currently in the craft beer industry because DashBrew™ is small and hyper-focused on leveraging technical innovation with the primary goal of making small craft breweries successful. This results in products and services that are offered at a fraction of the price our competitors offer and yet treats the problem rather than symptom. This is why we call KegMetrics™ a Keg Management tool and not a keg tracker, even though KegMetrics provides outstanding keg tracking.  Keg Tracking is pointlessKeg Management is Critical.