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Sound To Summit Brewing

"Before KegMetrics we were using pencil and paper with a notebook to track our production.  We were hesitant to take on a keg tracking system for fear of it not being able to change some of it’s key reporting items specific to our brewery.  KegMetrics was flexible for us and that flexibility was much appreciated.  Now we find that TTB reporting and inventory recording can be done efficiently and accurately using this platform. 
I would recommend KegMetrics.  I think it is a great resource to not only keep track of kegs, where the kegs are located, how long they have been gone, and how much volume was produced in a given month.  We are pleased to have developed a relationship with KegMetrics. It has helped our business tremendously."
- Stacey Sype, Owner
Sound To Summit Brewing

Bellevue Brewing Company


"KegMetrics has been an amazing asset here in the brewery. What used to take a couple of us hours of hand counting and tagging kegs now takes one man minutes to come up with accurate information. Integrating this program into my keg management has been seamless and when a problem does occur, I’ve received an email from their support team before I can even get to my office.

KegMetrics has an amazingly intuitive interface that is easy to learn and navigate. They were able to help customize the program for our specific needs here making this application a catalyst of efficiency. The customer service and personalized attention only makes me want to integrate this system into more than just kegs. I look forward to seeing more applications from Greg and his team." - Kevin, Head Brewer

Whitewall Brewing Company


"Initially, we didn't know that we needed any type of keg tracking application. When approached by Greg, I thought it would be a nice novelty to have, however after using the system now for almost a year, we have found many benefits for the KegMetrics application.

I have used the application and tracking capabilities to resolve disputes with distributor over lack of PO fulfillment. We also now use this to let our distributors know our current keg inventory. Prior to using this application, we would need to manually count the kegs in stock to provide a list. Now we can use the application to pull up current inventory and quickly send out for ordering purposes.

The application also keeps track of the life-cycle of the keg, so we are warned if the keg skips a step in the expected cycle of a keg...for instance, it will warn us if the keg wasn't scanned for a specific step such as cleaning. I would recommend KegMetrics to other breweries as it has been vital in shortening labor time in keeping track of kegs manually. Greg has been excellent at helping us with any and all issues, and are very please with his customer service. Cheers!"

- Aaron Wight, Owner/Brewer